West Houston Christian Athletic Conference

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WHCAC was founded in 1992 by six Christian schools with a desire to provide junior high students an opportunity to play sports in a competitive setting. Our main goal is for the athletes to show the character and attitude of CHRIST while competing.


  • We believe that God enjoys watching His children have fun!
  • We believe that as coaches, we are men and women of God first, and our athletes should see us as examples of honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship.
  • We believe that as athletes, our students should understand that the same determination, commitment, sweat, and “give it all you’ve got” attitude that it takes to be a good student and a good athlete, are the same ingredients used to make a successful Christian.
  • We believe that all schools participating in this conference should do everything possible to ensure the excellent reputation of the conference within their community, as well as among their own student body and parents.



  • Flag football (fall)
  • Basketball (winter)
  • Track (spring) 
  • Tennis (spring)


  • Volleyball (fall) 
  • Basketball (winter)
  • Track (spring)
  • Tennis (spring)